Autoimmune Disease: June Roundup of Medical Literature

This article is part of a monthly series dedicated to highlighting current trends in autoimmune disease research.  My aim is to understand how research findings may effect future research, treatment advances, and technology solutions. 

Increased attention on the link between type 1 diabetes and the gut microbiome

Incidents of type 1 diabetes (T1D) increase at a rate of 3% to 5% per year. Scientists are examining the role of the gut microbiome in T1D. Research from human and animal studies suggest T1D is triggered from genetic and environmental factors, like the gut microbiome. (NCBI)

Depression linked to inflammatory protein in type 1 diabetes

Research suggests higher levels of inflammatory protein galectin-3 are associated with depression in T1D. Additional long-term studies are needed to investigate the link, but there could be implications for treatment of depression in type 1 diabetics.  (Science Daily)

Photo: Unsplash/Brooke Lark

Five diets tested for blood glucose-lowering effects

Elevated postprandial (period after eating) glucose levels two hours after a meal are associated to cardiovascular event and mortality risk. This animal study compares the macro-nutrient composition of five diets, with the low carb/high-fat/high-omega-3 diet minimizing postprandial blood glucose spikes most successfully. (NCBI)

Survey finds sample group largely dissatisfied with hypothyroidism treatment

Eleven thousand survey respondents rated their satisfaction with hypothyroidism treatment. Respondents treated with DTE (desiccated thyroid extract) were more satisfied overall than those treated with LT4 and LT4+LT3. Additionally, 39% of respondents changed doctors 2-4 times because they were not satisfied with treatment. (NCBI)


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