5 Ways to Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Daily Life

Sometime last year while I was visiting my Grandma I spied a diffuser on her bedroom nightstand. I was a little surprised to see it and after asking her about it, she stated that she bought it because a relative of hers is a rep for an essential oil (EO) company. A few days later a package showed up on my doorstep – a diffuser from my Grandma.  Here’s where my journey into the benefits of EOs begun.  

Essential Oils

I have been using EOs for several years, but only in homemade toothpaste, deodorant, lotions, and cleaning products.  I had never used them specifically for aromatherapy. I Googled blog after blog of women claiming that diffusing lavender at bedtime helped them sleep through the night. Oh, hey, I needed help with that. Conveniently I had lavender oil from previous projects, so I loaded up the diffuser and prepared for a restful night sleep. As a sometime skeptic I did not expect much, but holy heck, I actually woke up feeling more rested. I’ve been hooked ever since and my collection of EOs has steadily grown.  I used the heck out of that diffuser for a solid year and recently decided to upgrade to a beautiful glass dome shaped diffuser.

Essential Oils

Last week I attended an in-store seminar at Saje that was incredibly informative. I had several ‘AHA’ moments.  Prior to the seminar, I was only using my lavender filled roller bottle on various spots of my body before bed. Little did I know or ever think of breathing EOs in! Yes, yes, I understand that I am breathing in EOs by diffusing them, but what I’m talking about is a technique that Saje coined as Saje Breathe. Totally doable, right?

EOs have made such a big impact on my life, I rely on them when I’m overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed, but also happy, relaxed, and in deep thought.

Saje Essential Oils Blend


Here are 5 ways to incorporate essential oils into your daily life:

1. Diffuser: Diffuse lavender straight-up or with an added bonus like clary sage starting thirty minutes before bed, then throughout the night. If you are home during the day, try an air purifier of orange or lemon or tea tree.

2. Lava bead jewelry: Add one or two drops to a bracelet or necklace to enjoy the scent throughout the day, especially in moments of anxiety or stress. For those unlucky souls who take public transit, this is for you to avoid all the not-so-glorious smells. Some of the options from Tiny Zen Jewelry are beautiful.

3. Roller bottle: Use a lavender roller bottle on your temples, neck, wrists, and soles of the feet right before bed.

Now that I’m armed with more knowledge and more roller bottles, I am applying them topically multiple times a day. In the seminar, I learned that applying EOs 4-5 times a day provides a layered approach to healing. At minimum, I apply the Peppermint Halo around my neck and shoulders because I hold ALL my stress there.

4. Homemade cleaning products: Adding EOs to cleaning products not only smells great – who wants to smell bleach? Blech! – but depending on what you use, can serve as an anti-bacterial or cut down grime and grease.

5. Saje Breathe: Choose an EO specific to the wellness outcome you are seeking. Maybe you want a boost of energy or assistance seeking a moment of calm, you can choose your own adventure here.

Are you using EOs? What is your go-to scent? I’d love to hear how you incorporate them into your life through the comments below.

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