About Me


Hi Friends! I’m Heather. I love spending time outdoors, capturing life’s moments through my camera lens, and documenting it all along the way. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in late-2014 and through trial-and-error, determination, and a little self-love I have been managing the disease to the best of my ability.

I created Whole Restoration to inspire those who are struggling with managing their type 1 diabetes, to serve those who are looking for community, and to speak to those who are like me and want to spend less time thinking about their disease and more time living their best life.

In addition to health + wellness, I am passionate about documenting my life through Project Life (@mssoandso.explicates), I live for new green beauty finds, and I love spying on dogs at the dog park.

Let’s connect! To continue the conversation, email me at heather@wholerestoration.com.