My Newest Tool for Relaxation

What’s the big deal with de-stressing? One of my concerns with Hashimotos is stressing my adrenal glands which produce several of their own hormones, but they also control the release of cortisol hormone produced in the pituitary gland. You may remember from school that cortisol hormone is associated with the fight-or-flight response. We learned that at some point, right? Continue reading My Newest Tool for Relaxation

5 Favorite Green Beauty Moisturizers

In college my two besties used homemade deodorant and I never gave it much thought as to why they did. Fast forward several years when a colleague shared with me the Environmental Working Group‘s website and I was confronted with how major corporations add toxic chemicals to personal care and household products. I was floored and angry.  I immediately started making my own laundry detergent, deodorant, window cleaner, and various other products. At that time, being natural/green was still largely reserved for earthy types, so I descended upon all the blogs to try new concoctions and recipes. Continue reading 5 Favorite Green Beauty Moisturizers

Autoimmune Disease: June Roundup of Medical Literature

This article is part of a monthly series dedicated to highlighting current trends in autoimmune disease research.  My aim is to understand how research findings may effect future research, treatment advances, and technology solutions. 

Continue reading Autoimmune Disease: June Roundup of Medical Literature

Healing Journey: Choosing to See a Functional Medicine Practitioner

Today I made the decision to elect medical care by Parsley Health, a primary care practice that takes a functional medicine approach.  I feel genuinely excited that I am choosing to prioritize my health for the long haul known as life.   Continue reading Healing Journey: Choosing to See a Functional Medicine Practitioner